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December 15, 2012
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Anna and Gerda by Polizzi Anna and Gerda by Polizzi
Anna (left) from Disney's "Frozen" and Gerda (right) from Wizart's "The Snow Queen" kind of look similar to each other, except for their hair. Let's see. They have the same eyes (even the color), same hair but different structure, Gerda is the only character with freckles, and they almost have the same personality. What do you think?
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If the trolls knew that an act of true would thaw a frozen heart, why didn’t they tell that to young Elsa after she struck Anna at her head with her icy powers?  Maybe then, she would get an idea on how to control her powers with love.


Or even better, Elsa could’ve asked how to control her powers, and then the wise troll would certainly say, “I’m terribly sorry Elsa.  I don’t know how for it would take me and my family years to find out that solution.  And when Anna comes to him after she struck at the heart by Elsa’s icy powers, the wise troll would respond, “After years of finding the solution, the result is an act of true love that will thaw a frozen heart.”  That will cover up the details.



In the song “Let It Go,” does it mean:

1. Let stealers steal,

2. Let killers kill,

3. Let masters masturbate,

4. Let pedophiles rape children,

5. Let people reveal their secrets that might be disturbing for others,

6. Let people poop and pee in public instead of going to the bathroom,

7. Let people swear in public like Bradley Cooper’s character in “Sliver Linings Playbook,”

8. Let politics lie and conjure (which they do all the time),

9. Let the world suffer without excessive care, or

10. Express emotions in public?

In the words of the boulder hat guy from Disney's "Meet the Robinsons":  Don't let it go!
Why didn't Elsa use her hand with her GLOVE on instead of her bare hand which revealed her wintry powers?  If Disney wanted her to use her bare hand, they could at least have Anna take both gloves on, or even better, make Elsa NOTICE that she used her wrong hand.
Wizart's "The Snow Queen" available on DVD in the U.S. on November 26, 2013, one day before the theatrical release of Disney's "Frozen."
2014 Oscar Watch on IMDb:

No. 69:  Disney's "Frozen"

No. 89:  Wizart's "Snow Queen"
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